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Gift Kessy

A true African woman is a story that is based on real events. It is talking about how women have evolved from being housewives to women who can work for themselves and provide for their families. These women are Naishook and Victoria, Naishook is a woman who has faced a lot of challenges from her family and her home town which made her quit school and all of her dreams and career. Naishook is a true mother who is willing to give up whatever she has for the sake of protecting her twins, Victor and Victoria. She is a woman who fights with all her heart to give her kids a life that she never had despite the challenges she faced.Victoria is another true woman who loves her family more than anything, she is devoted to her studies and in the end, she became a Doctor who is specialized in blood diseases. She has influenced and inspired the lives of many youths, she has shown the world why is it worth educating a woman in places that women are denied their right of having an education.The story has also shown how men can be supportive and empower women to achieve their dreams although there are men who are mean and selfish to women.The story is a useful tool to educate children in schools on how lucky they are to be educated and how they can support each other without discriminating their gender or sex. This will reduce the gender-based violation against women. My goal is to have this story published in books while having a play script that children at African schools can play during cultural events to bring awareness of gender-based violations.The story wants to inspire as many women and girls as possible for them to have an independent life and stop relying on selfish men who are destroying their lives by making them quit school, marry them at a younger age, beating them and other kinds of violations. Sadly, nowadays women are engaging themselves in unhealthy relationships with men of different ages where they offer their bodies in exchange for stuff such as money. It also shows how the table has turned and nowadays true women are working harder than men, so it’s like a wake-up call for men to use their testosterone right and be the providers as nature says.